Sunday, August 17, 2008

Texas - it's a whole other country

My brother Curtis flew in today from Austin, Texas to attend a conference. I picked him up at the airport, took him and his colleague to their hotel, and then brought my brother home to meet G. This all took a little longer than I'd planned for, partly because the airline lost his luggage. Well, they claim it's just on a later flight, and he might even have it by now. In any case, we had to wait at the baggage claim until it was clear that his bag wasn't coming out, and then he had to wait in line for a while in order to fill out a form. By the time we got home G was already in bed (although it was only 8:30 - why doesn't he ever go to bed that early when he's spending the night with me?) He wasn't asleep, though, so we got him up to come over for a short visit. The first thing he said when he got to the door was "I like your brother, Dad." He also said that Curtis looks like a cowboy, I think because of the hat he was wearing. I should have taken a picture of them together, but I didn't think of it. Anyway, we kept the visit short both because G needed to go back to bed and because Curtis was starving. Curtis and I walked over to the restaurant around the corner and had some excellent sandwiches. Curtis was surprised at how hot the peppers that came on the side were - he expected to find only wimpy peppers in Massachusetts. I let Curtis borrow a shirt in case his luggage doesn't show up before his presentation tomorrow. We took pictures of each other, and then I took him back to his hotel. We're going to try to get together again on Tuesday. Here's a picture - can you tell which guy spent the day in airports and on planes?
Neither can I.

Pictures from Utah

I finally found the cable to download pictures from my camera. Here are some pictures from the Utah trip.
This picture was taken literally within a few minutes of the first time G met any of his cousins. It didn't take him any time at all to decide that cousins are a good thing.

G with cousins Jeremy and Micah are about to be eaten.

Cousins Emily and Maddie are next on the menu.
G out for a ride at Lagoon with cousin Micah.
G and cousin Zane sail the Seven Seas.
G with all the Utah cousins.

I may post some more Utah pictures later.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

News only a parent could get excited about

Today G wore underpants to school. About 6:00 P.M., as I was in the middle of an experiment, I got a text message from his mother informing me that he came home still wearing the same underpants, still clean. I commented on it, and my boss asks incredulously, "The preschool sends you announcements about this?"
I'm excited about this news, of course, but not half as excited as his mother is. I suspect this is partly because I really don't mind changing diapers much, but mostly it's because of the expense. And I don't just mean the expense of the diapers themselves - the cost of day care will go down significantly once G is potty trained. She's been trying to get him interested for at least a year now. Anyway, apparently the evening hasn't gone quite so well, but it's still a big day for G (or at least for his mother.)