Monday, February 21, 2011

Latest weather report

I asked G what I should write about today, and he said that I should write that it's snowing again. So I guess this is going to be a weather blog for another day.

We've actually had much better weather for the last week. We've had a few days that were almost warm. The level of the snow in the yard dropped by over a foot - maybe closer to two. That doesn't mean that the ground became visible anywhere, but at least I know where my garbage can is now.

I had a fun week getting home from work. On Sunday one of my headlights burned out. On Monday I spent my lunch break looking in vain for an auto parts store near my work. That evening when I went out to go home I discovered that the other headlight had also burned out. It was very late and pitch dark at this point, so I wasn't sure how I was going to get home until I realized that the bright beams used the same bulbs. So I switched bulbs between the regular headlights and the brights and was able to get to the weekend that way.

Later in the week I forgot to turn my lights off when I got to work, so by the time I left late that evening the battery was dead. Fortunately I was able to get a jump start, although the first person I found wasn't able to help since he had a battery without normal terminals and we couldn't figure out how to hook up to them.

G and I have both been feeling under the weather lately. G started feeling miserable a week ago Friday and really only started feeling right over this past weekend. I started feeling lousy on Tuesday and also didn't start to feel good again until yesterday. We're both doing okay today, though, so we're about to take advantage of the latest addition to the snow pack by going sledding.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back online

Yes, we're still alive here in the lovely town of Groton. I read Mom's list of things she's thankful for, weather-wise, and thought I'd help her with her gratitude. So here are some pictures I took yesterday. The first is G on top of the largest pile of snow by my driveway, the second is G in his snow fort. Of course, these are the more extreme piles, but even in the lowest spots it is nearly up to my waist. Yesterday afternoon and evening we had freezing rain to put a nice slick surface on everything. Today it's actually very warm - I think it's the warmest day we've had yet this year, by about 5 degrees. It must be at least 40 F. Of course, the forcast is for colder and more snow tomorrow and Tuesday.

As long as I'm I'm posting again, here are some pictures of G at his fall T-ball skills camp.